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The growth of crypto assets, from bitcoin to altcoins has been astronomical. Most cryptocurrencies have increased in value by more than 3,000%.

Increasing Participation

More people want to participate in the crypto wave by owning assets and investing in solutions. This is causing increased demand.

Growing Adoption

Various governments and financial institutions have adopted cryptocurrencies, and the list is still increasing. This has led to increased demand.

We have selected the top performing crypto assets and indexes.

Our selected crypto instruments and indexes are the best performing in the crypto markets, with a combined all time growth of over 23,000%

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Our Crypto Assets

Our crypto selection combines top-performing cryptocurrencies and crypto indexes to give a selection of high profit, low risk instruments. We trade cryptocurrencies across major exchanges, trade arbtrages, HODL volatile coins, and track crypto indexes.



Bitcoin (BTC) is the first and most valuable cryptocurrency on the blockchain. BTC has done nearly 9 million % increase since its inception, and will continue to do more.



Altcoins make up for nearly half of the market capitalization of the crypto currencies market. The top performing altcoins have done nearly 1 million % in growth, given investors profit.

Crypto Indexes


Our CRYPTO20 Index tracks the performance of the top performing altcoins in the crypto space and profits when they profit. We hedge this index against losses, however.

Trading and Arbitraging


In crypto trading and arbitraging, we trade cryptocurrencies based on demand and profit from marginal differences in price. In arbitraging, we buy in the low markets and sell in the high markets.


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